Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shahid Kapoor Priyanka Chopra Valentine Day Celebration together 2011

(1) Shahid Kapoor Priyanka Chopra ended up fighting on this Valentine Day, but fought as they could not devote time to each other on the special day. Hectic schedules restricted the couple to spend quality time with each other.

He flew to Mumbai from Bangalore taking off from his and his father Upcoming Bollywood Hindi film, where covered a long distance flew from Malaysia to India to be with beau on the special day.

(2) Recently he shared about his experience of flying an F-16 at the Aero Show for Mausam Movie which will be release soon.

As Latest Shahid Kapoor Interviews, he said that, "During the film shoot and pre-production, I spent a lot of time talking to and hanging out with the pilots. And because we also got permission to shoot at an air force base, I met pilots before they flew and spent time with them after their return as all this is part of the film. So when the opportunity came by to fly in an F-16, it was just too good to be true."

"Flying a fighter plane requires fitness levels of another league and though I work out regularly and enjoy good fitness levels, I was asked to train rigorously for a month. I had to go through several tests at regular intervals and I had to get acclimatized to the fighter plane environment in a simulator. But the experience of being in the plane and flying in it was worth every minute of the extra hard work."

"I have always had a fun streak, but perhaps credit for bringing it out on national TV can go to Karan. But I am very pleased with the feedback. I didn't realise people thought I was reserved. I just take a little while to open up."

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