Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vivek Oberoi News Gossip 2010

Vivek Oberoi
is clearly not happy about being tagged as a "stalker" or a "gatecrasher" and says he is "genuinely sick" of all controversies.

"Suddenly I'm a stalker one day and one day I'm a gatecrasher.

Mela laga hua hai kya (Is it a fair of controversies)? Will anybody say anything and walk away? What nonsense is this? It's very irresponsible and I completely disapprove of it. It's rubbish. If there was an element of truth in this, I can understand. But this is nonsense," Vivek told IANS.

The actor, who was here to give a sneak preview of a Bollywood musical to be performed at a yet-to-be opened entertainment destination Kingdom of Dreams, seemed visibly upset about recent news reports about him. He has been accused of going uninvited for a party at superstar Shahrukh Khan's residence where his former beau Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was present with husband Abhishek Bachchan.

"SRK and Gauri have been exceptionally kind to me, they are lovely people. It's not like I haven't been to their place before. I have been to their place for their events, their parties - and suddenly I become a gatecrasher? From where? Does anybody do that? I won't go to my relatives house without an invite," Vivek said.

The 33-year-old also came in the spotlight recently when he was seated next to the former Miss World at a function in Mumbai, while at another event, he was blamed for being strategically seated behind power couple Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan.

And when Vivek made an unexpected late entry at the premiere of "Rann" in New Delhi , where Aishwarya and Abhishek were present, his presence was speculated upon yet again.

"Yesterday I came out of the premiere of Rann' and I was asked a silly question - Why weren't you sitting in the same auditorium?'. How do I answer that? Do I have to go search for them in each auditorium and then sit accordingly? It's ridiculous. And if I was inside the same auditorium as theirs, then people would say You're stalking them'," said Vivek.

He stressed that every person involved in these speculations has moved on and is happy in his or her life, and so the media should just let them be.

"They are all happy with their own lives. I am doing great work by god's grace, my personal life is very happy, I have got a great life and wonderful friends. They (Abhishek and Aishwarya) are married, they are really happy, doing really well and they are wonderful, civil to me as I am to them and there is no problem. It is irritating that people just keep bringing it up."

The actor first brush with controversy came when he called a press conference against actor Salman Khan in 2003. He has been courting controversies ever since, but says he is tired of making clarifications now.

"I'm tired of clarifications. Why should I keep giving clarifications? There are new stories about me everyday, so should I leave everything and make clarifications? I'm a human being, I'm an actor, I work, I have a family, I have got a nice life - let me live it. Otherwise I should be on the hotline with the media constantly. I am genuinely sick of it. People should stop it now," he said.

On the film front, Vivek will soon be seen in Ramesh Taurani's "Prince" followed by Ram Gopal Varma's two-part series "Rakta Charitra".

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Latest Recent Bollywood News Gossips - Ranbir Kapoor is Basketball Fan

Ranbir Kapoor takes autographs from NBA stars.

Like many youngsters today, Ranbir Kapoor is also a big Basketball fan. And when there was a match happening in Madison square garden, this Kapoor lad did not wish to miss it.

Bollywood’s heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor, who was in New York City shooting for his film.

Bollywood Upcoming Movie 2010 Anjaana Anjaani along with Priyanka Chopra was fortunate enough to watch a game of New York Knicks against Los Angeles Lakers, as Ranbir himself puts it, "I heard of stories about Madison Square Garden, but actually being in this was just amazing. I'm still shaking with excitement.”

Like an awestruck fan, Ranbir went ahead and took a snap with Basketball star Kobe Bryant, who was happy to pose for a picture with him. Kobe also gave Ranbir an autographed pair of his favorite sneaker. Not just that, Ranbir also met 2009 Sprite Slam Dunk contest winner Nate Robinson, who gifted him his autographed jersey.

Ranbir is surely one lucky guy who got opportunity to watch the game. He must be on cloud nine after meeting and greeting star basketball players. After all boys will be boys!

Shahrukh Khan Upcoming Film Promotion in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Shahrukh Khan
marries a 20-year-old girl.

Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan went down on his knees and proposed to a 20-year-old girl. He slipped a ring on her finger; he was happy and she was ecstatic.

We are talking about a mock wedding Shahrukh did while promoting his upcoming film My Name is Khan.

It happened at a five-star hotel in Ahmedabad. Shahrukh was taken aback by one named Tillana Desai, who was in her bridal dress and wanted her name to be Khan.

She told him that she has been in love with a guy since she was seven but couldn't marry him, and her man happened to be Shahrukh.

She also told him that she only uses the products endorsed by him.

Impressed by her love story, Shahrukh obliged to her request to marry her.

He went down on his knees and slipped the ring on her finger, saying that it was a rehearsal for the wedding.

The girl had brought the ring along with her.

The lucky girl said that she would never remove the ring.

She is happy that Shahrukh accepted her love and admiration for him. She added that she even invited him to dinner at her house but he was too busy to make it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Child Actor Darsheel Safary superhero Hrithik Roshan News Gossip

Darsheel Safary said that, “Bollywood Actor Hrithik Roshan is my superhero in Bollywood”

He overshadowed superstar Aamir Khan with his power packed performance in debut 'Taare Zameen Par' and now child star Darsheel Safary wants to work with Hrithik Roshan, whom he considers his superhero in Bollywood.

"Hrithik Roshan is my superhero in Bollywood. He is a good Hot Dancer, has a very good body and is a great actor. I really want to work with him," Darsheel told PTI.

After his critically acclaimed performance in the 2007 movie, the 13-year-old actor is returning to the big screen with Walt Disney India's superhero film 'Zokkomon'. Directed by Satyajit Bhatkal, the film is India's first live action film and will hit the screens on May 7.

Darsheel is excited to be a part of the exclusive superhero club that also includes his idol Hrithik, famed for his superhero role in 'Krrish'.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Amitabh Bachchan Ramgopal Varma Upcoming Movie Rann Promotion in Banglore

Bollywood Legend Superstar Amitabh Bachchan
in Bangalore for Rann Movie Promotion.

Bollywood Megastar Actor Amitabh Bachchan promoted his upcoming movie 'Rann' (Battle) here on Saturday. His latest film is based on the difficulties and challenges faced in the world of journalism, be it the news of an event or an issue.

Speaking about his film journey, Bachchan said that at this age he is portraying only the character roles.

"Now I'm 68-year-old and at this age I'll get only this kind of roles. When I was young and you (the media persons) were growing up, the roles I used to get I used to do them. I don't know if you were inspired by them now due to the age. I do not get a leading man's role and I get character roles. I become Bhoot (Ghost) in some movies and Paa in some. The life will go on like this now," said Bachchan.

Director Ramgopal Varma said, "So it's (the film) my comment on what I feel as a viewer about the media. It's not to tell the media how to do it or not it's just a comment in a specific situation."

Rann also stars Ritesh Deshmukh, Paresh Rawal, Gul Panag and Manisha Koirala.

It is believed that the Rann release date has been deferred to avoid clash with Anil Sharma's upcoming film Veer starring Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan in its lead role.

Shahid Kapoor Bollywood Hot Serial Kisser Actor

After Emraan Hashmi, AKA the serial kisser of Bollywood, another star seems to be fast achieving that status.

Shahid Kapoor has been in such a series of smoochathons that he might as well have the same title - but, of course, nobody is going to call him that.

Yet after smooching Priyanka Chopra in Kaminey, and then Hot Genelia in Chance Pe Dance (the scene was later deleted from the film), Shahid is perking up his lips, on screen, to do chumma chaati with Anushka Sharma in Yash Raj’s next. In fact, the scene has already been shot when they were in Bangkok.

“While shooting in Bangkok, Shahid and Anushka did the shot. It's not just a kiss - it’s a full on, lip-lock smooch,” says a source present on the sets. He also confirms, “As it was the first time for Hot Anushka Sharma, she was little nervous and was not comfortable. So, director Parmeet had a word with her and reassured her that the scene was very important for the script.” Of course, it was!

We contacted Parmeet Sethi, but he couldn't talk because Yash Raj has a no-comment policy when a movie is being shot.

Shahid’s secretly filmed kissing video with Hot Kareena appears to have given directors all sorts of ideas, and now, it remains to be seen what nickname the actor will pick up.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Neil Nitin Mukesh Upcoming Movie Tera Kya Hoga Johnny Recent News Gossip

Neil Nitin Mukesh Movie
Is In A Rude Shock!

Bollywood is corrupted with piracy work is quite evident to everybody but such kind of incident has happened for the first time in the industry.

"Tera Kya Hoga Johnny" Neil Nitin Mukesh is in the lead is basically an episodic story of a street child called Johnny.

The main delay of the film was due to him and now he is no more to blame, Neil adds, "Now at least everyone should stop blaming me. It was said I delayed the film by refusing to dub for it. Arrey, the film was in sync sound, so there's no question of not dubbing. I'm very proud of 'Tera Kya Hoga Johnny."

This report of the film’s piracy was confirmed by the director Sudhir Mishra, he stated "Tera Kya Hoga Johnny" being available on the Internet came as a rude shock. The director, however, is confident that the unfinished version on the net won't jeopardize the film's prospects.

The future of the Bollywood industry looms in dark, Mishra states "Suddenly the news of my film being downloaded has become bigger than the film itself. This, I must admit, comes as a rude reminder of what lies ahead for our film industry. It's not just piracy. The net is where we need to look for trouble sources now.”

Though the film is partially pirated but then it is a matter of concern and requests the citizens not watch the film, Mishra adds "When I finally heard about my film being on the net, I checked it out. This is not the full and final version of Bollywood Upcoming Movie 2010 'Tera Kya Hoga Johnny'. It's a very rough cut. I'd advise all citizens to avoid watching the illegal download because that's not my film."

Friday, January 22, 2010

Shahrukh Khan IPL and Upcoming Movie My Name is Khan News Gossip 2010

Shahrukh is one of the busiest men in Bollywood Industry these days. Even though he is off shooting for any film for now, his schedule is packed.

The mighty SRK is caught between two of his dear projects.

While at one hand he has promotional plans lined up for Bollywood Upcoming Movie 2010 ‘My Name is Khan’, he also has to concentrate on his IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders.

Shahrukh went through the same situation last year when ‘Billu’ released. The same year, his IPL team performance dropped too.

Apparently, SRK couldn’t give enough time to any of the projects and so, both failed. He was reported to be losing sleep over ‘Billu’ and IPL.

Interestingly, the release date of ‘My Name Is Khan’ coincides with that of ‘Billu’ (12th Feb). With hardly any days left for the release, it’s about time SRK and Karan Johar kick started the promotional drive.

Also, IPL starts exactly a month after My Name is Khan Release date (12th March).

Forming a team, taking care of their needs, promoting KKR with a promotional video will eat into a lot of King Khan’s time.

No wonder then, SRK will experience more sleepless nights in the coming months.

But we are sure the actor must have learnt lessons with last year’s debacle and considering the master marketing mind he is, SRK might just find a way to promote both together and effectively.

So don’t be surprised if you find KKR team players promoting ‘My Name is Khan’.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hot Shahid Kapoor recent bollywood news gossips

Bollywood Bold Actor Shahid Kapoor said, “I'm single and ready to mingle”

After being linked to a string of actresses, Bollywood Star Shahid Kapoor has finally cleared the air about his relationship status. He says he is very much single.

"I am very much single, available and definitely ready to mingle," Shahid said on a new reality show Lift Kara De.

Shahid came as a celebrity guest on the show, which is hosted by filmmaker Karan Johar, and produced by Yash Raj Films.

The 28-year-old found himself on sticky ground when Johar asked him about his link-up with Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Hot Actress Anushka Sharma, with whom Shahid is featuring in Parmeet Sethi's untitled directorial debut.

"You had better ask Parmeet that question. After all directors have all the fun these days!" he quipped.

"I want to clarify that I am not dating Hot Priyanka Chopra or anybody else," added Shahid.

Lift Kara De features 20 hot celebrities, who feature one by one each week, and get to meet their biggest fan. The episode featuring Shahid will be on air Friday at 8 p.m (local time).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Abhishek Amitabh Bachchan Family Bollywood Latest News Gupshup

Big B
to feature on Abhishek Bachchan TV show.

As Bollywood Bold Actor Abhishek Bachchan gets ready to make his TV debut with "Idea National Bingo Nights", he will be seen playing the game with his father Bollywood Superstar Legend Amitabh Bachchan in the inaugural episode of the show to be aired on a private channel.

Dressed in a formal black suit, Abhishek was at his wittiest best at a press conference here Monday. With his one liner and spontaneous answers, the audience was in splits and enjoying every moment of the session.

Explaining why his father is featuring in the first episode, Abhishek said that he wants him to do some aaram (rest) through the show.

"As a son, I want my father to relax a bit, slow down his work and take care of his health. But he hardly takes my advice. So I called him on this show to take some aaram," Abhishek told reporters.

Talking about this show, Abhishek said: "The sheer simplicity of the idea and the fact that this show is highly interactive is what attracted me to it. Winning here is easy, you need not answer any difficult questions or perform any strenuous physical tasks. The idea is simple - leave behind all your worries, relax and enjoy."

Apart from Big B, Bollywood Hot Celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Karan Johar, Hot Deepika Padukone, Farhan Akhtar, Pravesh Rana, Vindu Dara Singh, Arshad Warsi, Hot Vidya Balan, Sonali Bendre, and Kirron Kher will be seen in subsequent episodes.

The show will go on air from Jan 23 at 9.00 p.m.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

R Madhavan Bollywood Upcoming Movie Teen Patti News Gupshup 2010

Bold Actor R. Madhavan
will for the first time play a character with "grey shades" in Bollywood in Bollywood Upcoming Movie 2010 - Teen Patti. While he is a professor in the forthcoming film, the actor will also be seen sporting "six different avatars" in the thriller that also features Amitabh Bachchan and Hollywood star Ben Kingsley.

"I have different looks in the film. I'm playing a professor, but when I go to different areas, I'm dressed up as different characters," Madhavan told IANS in an interview.

"There's one (scene) with a very suave, high-end party look; then there is one for the low, scum areas. Another one's of a mid-level thug; there is the professor's look of course and all sort of stuff leading to even a Casanova’s and an Italian' look," he explained.

"In Hindi films, this will be my first grey kind of character as one who wants everything very fast in life," the 39-year-old added.

"In Teen Patti, I'm playing a professor who believes he deserves a lot more than what life is offering him at that point of time. He decides to take certain steps which land him in a web of greed, lust and defeat - and how much of a heavy price he pays for those decisions."

The multilingual actor is not apprehensive about the audience's reaction to the transition from his chocolate-boy image.

"When the film is wholesome and you are playing a character, they (audiences) will accept you in any case," he said.

"Even Mr. (Amitabh) Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan have done that. It's very important to play different kinds of roles and I am very excited about it. I am very keen to see how the audiences will react to it," he added.

Releasing Feb 26, director Leemna Yadav's Teen Patti is about greed and deception set in the backdrop of high stake gambling.

After his hit 3 Idiots was dragged into a controversy for apparently promoting ragging, Madhavan is playing safe and insists Teen Patti doesn't glorify gambling but is inspired by mathematics.

"If there is anything that Teen Patti will provoke, (it) is mathematics. It deals largely with mathematics in our lives and youngsters' desire to get anything 'now and today' in no time," Madhavan told IANS.

"Youth today want everything fast which is kind of an instant gratification and they want to live life on the fast track and that is what is shown in the movie with the magic of mathematics," he added.

Saira Mohan, Hot Raima Sen and newcomers Shraddha Kapoor, Siddharth Kher, Viabhav Talwar and Dhruv Ganesh also portray pivotal roles in the movie. Teen Patti also boasts of special appearances by Ajay Devagn, Jackie Shroff, Mahesh Manjrekar, Ranjeet, Shakti Kapoor and Tinnu Anand.

Teen Patti reportedly has some passionate scenes between Madhavan and Saira Mohan but the actor steers clear of controversies and says it has been approved by the censor board.

"I'd like to say that on record that the film has a very large U certificate so there will be nothing explicit about it," Madhavan said.

And what about the kissing scenes with Saira?

"These aren't anything to talk about. All that you see (in the movie) is completely universal. The censor board doesn't give you a U certificate if there is a large number of kissing or other such stuff," he said.

Apart from Teen Patti, Madhavan's future projects include Tanu Weds Manu opposite Hot Kangana Ranaut.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hrithik Roshan Upcoming Released Movies News Gupshup 2010

At 36, Hrithik Roshan still Bollywood's 'Greek god'.

Greek god, perfectionist, electrifying, the adjectives people use for Hrithik Roshan are aplenty as the actor completes a decade in the industry and turns 36 Sunday.

While he became an overnight star with "Kaho Na Pyaar Hain", his career has indeed been a roller coaster ride. He starred in Khalid Mohammed's "Fiza" but it failed to repeat the success of his debut film.

Later Subhash Ghai's "Yaadein", Yash Raj Films' "Mujhse Dosti Karoge!", Arjun Sablok's "Na Tum Jaano Na Hum" and Vikram Bhatt's "Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage" failed to make an impact at the box office and were declared flops.

But he bounced back with the super successful "Koi Mil Gaya" in 2003 where he played a mentally disabled young man. It was the highest grosser of the year and won him many awards.

"Hot Hrithik Roshan dominates the show and packs in a power-packed performance. The role of a mentally challenged person is no cakewalk, but the actor takes to it like a fish takes to water. He manages to pull off the zero to hero routine exceptionally well. As an actor, he scales dizzier heights with this splendid performance," film critic Taran Adarsh had said when the film released.

The actor then went on to give blockbusters like "Krrish", "Dhoom 2" and "Jodhaa Akbar". Filmmaker Subhash Ghai told IANS: "I have seen Hrithik grow from a newcomer to a big star today. He has achieved his stardom sheerly on his hard work and passion for his films.

"He takes interest in each department of filmmaking and keeps inspiring his directors all the time. Hrithik is electricity in front of the camera and puts in lot of dedication in his work. I love him for that and wish him greater success in future too."

According to film critic Omar Qureshi, Hrithik is a perfectionist. "I know Hrithik since the time he was a thin boy. The very fact that he took a year's time to work on himself before doing his first film proves how dedicated he is," Qureshi told IANS.

"He is a perfectionist and a very hardworking actor. The best thing about him is that he makes his characters look so convincing. He works so well on that. "But I'm sure his fans have one complaint from him. They never get to see enough of the actor since he does just one or two films in a year," he added.

After just a cameo last year in Zoya Akhtar's "Luck By Chance", the actor will be seen in the much-awaited "Kites" in May. Described as a truly international film, "Kites" tells the story of a young con-man who lives life in Las Vegas, always ready to make fast money in any way possible.

Directed by Anurag Basu and co-produced by his father Rakesh Roshan and Reliance BIG Pictures, Hrithik will be seen sharing screen space with Mexican beauty Barbara Mori, Kangana Ranaut and Kabir Bedi. The film will be released in two versions -- Indian and international.

"Kites" is being touted as the biggest film of the year. "I am desperately waiting for 'Kites'. I love Hrithik and I think he is nothing less than a greek god," said Stuti Sharma, a 21-year-old fan.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bold Actor Director Rakesh Roshan Upcoming Next Movie News Gossip

Rakesh Roshan rethinks on Krrish sequel after Avatar.

It looks like James Cameron's "Avatar" has affected Bollywood in unexpected ways.

Director Rakesh Roshan is having second thoughts about making the sequel to "Krrish" after watching the Hollywood sci-fi saga. However, he thinks it is possible to create effects on par with Hollywood.

"I saw the film ('Avatar') in Los Angeles. And it certainly made me sit up and re-think about 'Krrish'. But I don't think it is impossible to create effects on par with Hollywood. We need to budget the sequel intelligently," he said.

As far as starting Krrish's sequel goes, Roshan senior admits there's no immediate chance of it taking off. "I am not even thinking of directing my own film until our production 'Kites' is released May 14. Only then will I seriously start planning my directorial project. For now, the next film I direct is Krrish's sequel. But it may change if I'm unhappy with the script."

What the patriarch of the Roshan Empire leaves unsaid is that he and son Hrithik Roshan sat together and discussed the feasibility of doing a lavish big budget film in the light of "Avatar" and other Hollywood extravaganzas dubbed in Hindi.

Hrithik has made it clear to his father that there's no point in doing a Hollywood style special effects film unless there's scope and space for the 'desi' counterpart to make an impact at the box office.

Says a source: "Hrithik is not sure about the feasibility of the Krrish series any more. Not after James Cameron's 'Avatar'.

He wants the project to go through a budgetary scrutiny to see whether they can create effects comparable with Hollywood's 'Avatar' and '2012'.

Otherwise what is the point?"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bollywood Bold Actors Shahrukh-Salman Khan News Gossip

Hot Salman Khan, Shahrukh headed for truce!!

For some time we have been witnessing the teeny-weeny signs of thaw setting in the long enduring chill between the two Khans of Bollywood.

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan may not be locking in friendly embraces, but the two have at least moved beyond bitterness and animosity.

Just when we thought the two could not venture within the reachable distance of each other, the duo surprised us at the premiere of 3 Idiots where they were just a handshake away.

Now, Salman, the more mercurial of the two Khans, has done something unexpected. He recently messaged Karan Johar to compliment him on the look of My Name Is Khan, which, we all know, has SRK at the helm. Salman reportedly liked the trailer of the movie and didn’t hesitate to express his appreciation to K-Jo.

The compliment was returned rather promptly by SRK, who, at a recent award function, minced no words to praise Salman Khan Upcoming Movies Veer, adding that he was looking forward to watch the flick.

Well, the olive branches have been extended and the cracks have begun to fill in already. Now, when the two strapping Khans decide to bury the hatchet remains to be seen.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hot Hrithik Roshan Bollywood Birthday Party News Gossip

The Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan has turned 36 and Bollywood who’s who was present in full strength to wish the birthday boy.

After day’s shoot when Hrithik Roshan entered home, he was surprised to see his family and his relatives already present to wish him.

Though tired, he was rejuvenated with the warm welcome. The bash was attended by Hot Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with hubby Abhishek Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan and filmmaker Karan Johar.

Hot Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Twinkle Khanna etc also attended the bash. But Salman Khan and Hot Katrina Kaif gave the party a miss. While Salman Khan Brothers Sohail and Arbaaz Khan with his respective wives were present. Hrithik’s ‘Krissh’ Hot Heroine Priyanka Chopra was absent but she wished him. Vivek Oberoi also graced the occasion.

The party went on late night. As usual after wrapping Hrithik Roshan Birthday Party, Ash, Abhi continued the enjoyment at Shahrukh Khan Bunglow ‘Mannat’.

We wish Hrithik a wonderful family life and successful career ahead!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bollywood Bold Actor Sanjay Dutt News Gossips 2010

Bollywood Bold Actor Sanjay Dutt quits as SP general secretary.

Following his mentor Amar Singh, Sanjay Dutt tonight resigned as the General Secretarty of Samajwadi Party claiming he was hurt by the treatment meted out to his "elder brother" by certain leaders of the party.

"When the Supreme Court did not give me chance to contest Lok Sabha elections, Amar Singh made me the general secretary of the party. He had said both of us will work for the party from the same position," Dutt told a hurriedly-called press conference here.

"If he is no more the General Secretary, I am also quitting the post today," Dutt said.

He, however, said he would remain in the party as long as Amar Singh is there.

He said despite slogging for the party in his poor health condition, certain leaders of SP mistreated Singh.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan and his Kids News Gossip 2010

Bollywood Badshah SRK said that, “He tells his kids when he is sad.”

He is rarely seen without his dimpled smile and crackling sense of humor but the 'Badshah of Bollywood' Hot Shahrukh Khan does have his low phases which he shares only with his children.

The 44-year-old superstar's journey, from TV serial 'Fauji' to his Latest Bollywood Upcoming Movie 2010 'My Name Is Khan', has gone through ups and downs in his two decade long acting career and he insists that his kids have been his biggest support. "I like kids. I like company of kids more than adults. I remember when my own children, Aryan was 5 or 6, I shared my biggest depression," Shah Rukh said.

"I don't like to talk to people about my sadness and I think the only people I have spoken to, and that too when they do not understood anything, were Aryan and Suhana, Shahrukh Khan Kids. So I sat them down and told them I am really sad while they drooled all over me," he added.

Shah Rukh may have become a huge name but the superstar still enjoys giving autographs and standing with his fans for a click. "My life is two dimensional. People should take picture with me. I think I am only good for camera. That's why when somebody just meets me, I know all everyone wants from me is a photograph or an autograph or may be a roll of a video and that's all. When I exists I exists more on a film roll than in real life," SRK said. Discovery's Travel & Living is set to present a 10-part series on Shah Rukh from February 26 which will delve into the private and exclusive world of the superstar.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bollywood Legend Superstar Shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan in Gujarat India

Superstar of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan has offered to become the brand ambassador of Gujarat.

During the special screening of his latest film ‘Paa’ with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi at a multiplex in Gandhinagar, Bachchan said reporters, “There are lots of good things in Gujarat which should be promoted. I am ready to give my voice and face for the promotion of Gujarat tourism.”

Bachchan said, “The main motive of my visit is to promote my film ‘Paa’ which deals with many sensitive issues and I wish Gujarat government makes the film tax free”.

C M Narendra Modi also thanked Mr. Bachchan for his interest in promoting Gujarat tourism and said that Hindi films have a huge influence on the Indian society. Modi said, “I myself am influenced by Bachchan, after all I am a common man”.

When reporters asked Bachchan, “Do you think Modi is Big B of politics?” He said, “I can’t compare myself with Modi. Inke baare main kya bolu. (What can I say about this man)” “He is doing a good job as a chief minister in Gujarat. His efforts are commendable,” he said.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bollywood Hot News Gossips – Genelia D'Souza Shahid Kapoor Together

Shahid, Genelia to spend night together.

Out of all different movie promotion ideas, this one seems new.

Bollywood Hot Bold Actors Shahid Kapoor and Hot Genelia D'Souza will be spending Wednesday night together in a car here to promote their forthcoming Bollywood Upcoming Film Chance Pe Dance.

"Shahid and Genelia will be spending a full night in a small car at the Kamalistan Studios today. There will be vada pao (bun) vendors and khatiyas (string cot) nearby for the people. We want to make this the most talked about promotional activity in Bollywood and it's being done on a major scale," a source from the film unit told IANS.

In the film, Hot Shahid plays a struggler who comes to Mumbai to make it big in the movies. According to the source, the activity was planned as it bears semblance with the lives of those who come here to try their luck and also because a scene in the movie depicts it.

"This activity has similarities with our movie. In fact in his own days of struggle, Shahid used to sleep in a car many times. In the movie also, there's a scene where these strugglers have to spend nights altogether, because they have no place to stay," added the source.

The activity will continue till Thursday morning and those who will be present there will be able to share tea and bun maska (bun and butter) with the stars. It will be served at 6 a.m.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hot Aamir Khan - The Bollywood Perfectionist New Year Resolution

Aamir Khan New Year Resolution

2010 is off to a good start, but one thing that precedes any new year is the resolutions. Whether we fulfill them or break them, we all make resolutions for the coming year.

Bollywood is no different from its fan. Bollywood's huge star, Aamir Khan, has a new resolution this year. He wants to learn cooking to help his wife, Kiran, in the kitchen. Currently only being able to boil an egg and make a cup of tea, Aamir's cooking skills are seriously limited. So, this year, Aamir has decided to enroll himself for some cookery classes and learn this very useful and necessary skill.

After the huge success of his Bollywood Latest Hits Film 2009 3 Idiots all over the world, the fans are wondering what's next for the perfectionist Khan. Well, the answer is that Aamir is planning on going for a holiday and learn the much needed new skill. Let’s hope Aamir is as much of a perfectionist in the kitchen as he is on the sets, so soon we meet Aamir, the actor and the chef, whose dishes are just as brilliant as his films.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bollywood Hot Actor Shahrukh Khan Twitter News Gossip

Now Hot Shahrukh Khan joins Twitter.

After Karan Johar, Priyanka Chopra(Piggy Chops) and Preity Zinta, now Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan has joined social networking site Twitter.

"Being extremely shy, I never thought I would be here (on Twitter). But my friend Karan Johar insisted that I should learn to share my life," Shah Rukh posted on his Twitter page.

"Thanks everyone, this is really sweet...didn't expect such a warm welcome. Love to you all," he added.

The superstar was hardly seen on big screen in 2009 except in "Billu", and explaining the reason behind his absence, he wrote: "Injury has kept me away from making more films. Will work my back off to be around more... the shoulder feels strong and so do I."

In February last year, Shahrukh underwent an arthroscopic surgery for acute pain in his left shoulder at the Breach Candy hospital in south Mumbai.

He is now gearing up for the release of his much talked about Bollywood Upcoming Film "My Name Is Khan" which also stars Kajol.

Releasing Feb 12, the film's story revolves around Rizwan Khan (Shahrukh) who suffers from Asperger syndrome, a form of autism. Rizwan falls in love with a single mother Mandira (Kajol) who lives in San Francisco. Authorities at Los Angeles International Airport, mistaking his disability for "suspicious" behaviour, detain Rizwan.

Right now Shahrukh is enjoying his holiday with wife and children.

"Kids and life calling...watching Tim Burton's '9' (animated fantasy film directed by Shane Acker) with them...last up late...catch up later...," he wrote in his latest posting.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bollywood Perfectionist Aamir Khan with Deepika Padukone News Gossip

Hot Deepika Padukone becomes Bollywood Hot Actor Aamir Khan's new guest.

The hottie actress of Bollywood Deepika Padukone was invited by Aamir Khan for a special screening of '3 Idiots' in Bangalore.

Deepika was in Banglore on the New Year evening with her family while Aamir was hosting a special screening for the IIM Bangalore students as the film '3 Idiots’ was shot in IIM Banglore Campus.

When Aamir came to know about Deepika presence in Banglore, wasting no time he called the actress following an invitation for the screening of '3 Idiots'.

Deepika was very pleased with the honor and joined Aamir with her whole family including her father, the famous badminton champion Prakash Padukone.

Deepika saw the film for the first time and enjoyed it throughly.

Who knows, Deepika presence in the screening might help her get a film with 'Mr Perfectionist'?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Uday Chopra Upcoming Movie Pyaar Impossible News Gossips 2010

Bollywood set to rock New Year with Romantic comedy.

Hot Actress Priyanka Chopra (Piggy Chops) and writer, producer and actor Uday Chopra say love is always possible, while promoting their Bollywood Upcoming film 'Pyaar Impossible' in showbiz capital Mumbai.

Priyanka and Uday Chopra addressed a news conference to promote the film, and said that the film would attract audiences because of its simplicity.

"We are very excited because we hope to start the year off with a bang. And I think what the audience will like about the film is the simplicity of it, as there are no complications. It’s not something not brainless comedy or brainless where you have to leave your brains at home kind of film, it’s not like that. But it's also not a film where you have to really think too much, it's not cerebral. It’s just a breezy, soft, sweet film," said Priyanka Chopra.

Uday Chopra added that anyone who feels their love is impossible should definitely watch this film.

"The message I would like to give with this film is of course is that don't believe your Pyaar (love) is impossible if you do love somebody out there, who you think is above your league, or for whatever reason you think you cannot get her or him, just make the move, go out there, and tell that person, or probably bring that person and watch the movie with that person, and hopefully that Pyaar would become possible," said Uday Chopra.

The movie is directed by actor-turned-director Jugal Hansraj under the banner of Yash Raj Films. The romantic comedy also features Dino Morea.

The film is slated for releasing date on January 8, 2010.

'Pyaar Impossible' is said to be inspired by the hit British film 'Notting Hill', which starred Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in the lead roles.

The film's official website describes the film as the love story of a beauty and a geek.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hot Akshay Kumar Priyanka Chopra Bollywood Jodi News Gossips 2010

Bollywood’s first big hot rumor of 2010 is that Hot Sizzling Priyanka Chopra and Bold Star Actor Akshay Kumar are going to reunite on screen in Farah Khan’s Bollywood Upcoming Movie Tees Maar Khan.

The Bollywood Buzz is that Hot Priyanka, riding high on the success of Kaminey, is keen on being cast opposite the Khiladi again. Akshay, you remember, was the hero who galvanized her into the big league at the start of her career with Andaaz, Aitraaz and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi before the two decided not to work together.

The buzz is that Priyanka has sent feelers to Farah for the female lead role in her film. The choreographer-director is herself said to be game for this hot-and-saleable pairing. And Akshay, who was recently asked if he had any problems working with Priyanka again, had replied, “I’d love to work with her... provided the right script comes along.”

While none of the three involved parties are willing to comment on the Hot Bollywood Pair Akshay Priyanka pairing in Tees Maar Khan, Farah did reluctantly say, “By mid-January we have to decide. It will either be an absolutely new girl or a very established actress... goes do your math!”

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