Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bollywood Bold Actor Sanjay Dutt News Gossips 2010

Bollywood Bold Actor Sanjay Dutt quits as SP general secretary.

Following his mentor Amar Singh, Sanjay Dutt tonight resigned as the General Secretarty of Samajwadi Party claiming he was hurt by the treatment meted out to his "elder brother" by certain leaders of the party.

"When the Supreme Court did not give me chance to contest Lok Sabha elections, Amar Singh made me the general secretary of the party. He had said both of us will work for the party from the same position," Dutt told a hurriedly-called press conference here.

"If he is no more the General Secretary, I am also quitting the post today," Dutt said.

He, however, said he would remain in the party as long as Amar Singh is there.

He said despite slogging for the party in his poor health condition, certain leaders of SP mistreated Singh.

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