Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aamir Khan at Facebook

Aamir Khan active on Facebook as Pucca Idiott.

In what could be a case of another online identity theft in Bollywood, one Facebook ID is generating big buzz on the internet. There is speculation that a Facebook profile called 'Pucca Idiott' is really him is making friends with people under this pseudonym.

The information reads that he is Akash Malhotra (his character's name in Dil Chahta Hai) and lives in Bandra in Mumbai. His interests-hobbies are badminton and tennis and Calvin and Hobbes is his favorite comic.

These details are indicators that it may be Hindi Movie very own perfectionist, he himself. The profile is very active and Pucca Idiott has been interacting with people as a Facebook pro and already has 918 friends at the last count.

The posts are coming at odd hours but very regularly, which include those ranging from the polite and adulating to the most bizarre ones. Sample this: "Aamir did u read my interesting story, reply plz?"More evidence is in the form of pictures that are posted on the profile include that of a European Destination.

Are these pictures of the recent holiday that Aamir had gone to with Kiran Rao? Who is this Pucca Idiott? Pucca Idiott needs to answer.

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