Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bollywood Latest Hot Gossips Gupshup - Ranbir Kapoor Shazahn Padamsee Kiss

About Bollywood Hot Sizzling Chocolaty Actor Ranbir KapoorShazahn Padamse kiss!!!

So, did they actually dock their lips for a passionate scene in this Friday’s release Bollywood Upcoming Movie 2009 - Rocket Singh - Salesman of the Year? The plot thickens and the mystery deepens as Bollywood Hot Actress Shazahn Padamsee, the newbie rocketing into Bollywood with this Shimit Amin-directed flick, claims that there is indeed a kiss, but Ranbir refuses it.

According to Shazahn, she was never kept in the dark about the kiss as it was made clear in the script that she would have to kiss her co-star in a scene. On top of it, she claims that Ranbir made her “very comfortable” while shooting the kiss.

However, Ranbir has been saying something else. According to him, there wasn’t a kiss but a ‘cheat kiss’ in which camera was placed at such an angle that it seemed they were kissing.

The revelation might embarrass Shazahn a bit because it was she who first spoke about having kissed Ranbir in the film.

The squabble doesn’t end here. Gauhar Khan, another actress in the film, recently pulled the rug from under Shazahn’s feet by claiming that she has as much screen time in ‘Rocket Singh’ as Shazahn.

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