Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shahid Kapoor Latest News – Upcoming Pathshala Movie 2010

Latest Shahid Kapoor News:-

(1) For Bollywood Upcoming Movie in 2010, named “Pathshala” which release date is 16th April – 2010, after finalizes the script and when Bollywood Bold Actor Shahid Kapoor and Nana Patekar, who are close to Ahmed and Shaira, heard about the project, they readily agreed to come on board. But without a price. Latest Bollywood Rumors have it that both Nana and Shahid have done the film for free, due to their personal equations with Ahmed and Shaira. In turn, Ahmed and Shaira reciprocated the generous gesture by offering gifts to the actors.Nana Patekar and Shahid Kapor have been most supportive and have gone out of their way for Paathshaala, but I wouldn't like to discuss if money changed hands. That's too personal.

(2) As Per Bollywood Latest News, Shahid Kapoor is chilling in Goa these days. He is apparently concentrating totally on his dearest daddy’s upcoming film. But, they say that idle minds give rise to a lot of idle, wasteful thoughts! Shahid Kapoor is in the mood to give people some ‘gyaan’!

(3) Actor Shahid Kapoor along with his Badmaash Company co stars Bollywood Hottest Actress Anushka Sharma, Chang and Vir were recenlty present for a TV show shooting for the promotion of the film.

They happened to get in to a harmless discussion which turned into an unforeseen heated argument and eventually led to Shahid walk out angrily. All was going smoothly with everyone giving their views on the film, the characters they played and experiences while shooting for the film. Shahid's candid remarks pertaining to the adjustment time of the other newer actors on sets caused sparks.

The situation went greatly out of hand when the stars actually got into an argument over the issue of seniority. Shahid stated that the three junior actors took time to get into the groove at which all his three co-stars reacted very strongly.

Anushka got involved in the argument between Shahid and Chang and was snapped at by Shahid. It went so far that Anushka asked Shahid to shut up. At this, Shahid lost his cool and walked out of the studio leaving his co-stars stunned and amazed.

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