Friday, July 30, 2010

Aamir Khan Next Movie Releases 2010 – About Dhobi Ghat Story Cast World Premiere

Latest Aamir Khan News 2010

(1) The Aamir Khan starrer Dhobi Ghat, which has been directed by his Wife Kiran Rao, will have its world premiere at the 35th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The festival is scheduled from 9 - 19 September and will have 15 galas and 35 special presentations this year.

Dhobi Ghat Cast - Pratiek Babbar, Om Puri, Monica Dogra.

Dhobi Ghat Story: - Dhobi Ghat is set in Mumbai and revolves around the lives of four characters. In the teeming metropolis of Mumbai, four people separated by class and language are drawn together in compelling relationships. Shai, an affluent investment banker on a sabbatical, strikes up an unusual friendship with Munna, a young and beautiful laundry boy with ambitions of being a Bollywood actor, and has a brief dalliance with Arun, a gifted painter. As they slip away from familiar moorings and drift closer together, the city finds its way into the crevices of their inner worlds.

(2) As Per Latest Aamir Khan Interviews, he invited Shahrukh Khan to watch Peepli Live Premiere, said that, “Sure, Shahrukh attended ‘Raavan’ premiere. I will definitely invite Shah Rukh to see ‘Peepli Live’.”

"If I want to have the freedom, I must also be prepared to take the financial responsibility in my stride. Even if I lose money, it's mine."

(3) As Per Latest Bollywood Interviews, Aamir Khan said that, “My movies such as Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par, and 3 Idiots are universal and I like them. Others do not have faith in the films which are universal and they only cater to the multiplex audience. Raju Hirani is the only director who always makes films, which have a universal appeal and caters to the non-multiplex audience also. Other filmmakers target their films for the urban audience only. A division between India and Bharat (Hindustan) is clearly visible. I would have felt disconnected from my roots and my home in Mumbai if I were to go to Hollywood to make a career. Rural India is totally untouched by the filmmakers of today. As a director, Kiran is extraordinary. People call me perfectionist but Kiran let me undergo an audition to decide if I suit the role and then she cast me.”

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