Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shahrukh Khan News - Ducati mobike insted of Volkswagen Bugatti in Ra One Movie

Latest SRK News 2010:-

(1) Shahrukh Khan gears up to drive Volkswagen Bugatti in Upcoming Next Home Production Ra One Movie.He will drive the car under the supervision of a team comprising of technicians from the Pirates of Caribbean.
Till date “Ra.One” is SRK’s most ambitious project.“Ra One” is the abbreviated version of “Random Access Version One”. In this film King Khan plays the role of a superhero called G. Shahrukh Khan is taking most of the decisions on Ra. one, by himself and the decision to drive the Volkswagen Bugatti was also his.

(2) As per Latest Bollywood News, Shahrukh Khan TV production company Red Chillies Idiot Box is ready to produce romantic films for the youth, which will be aired on MTV. MTV is foraying into romantic films, which will attract the Indian youth.

As per Latest Shahrukh Khan Interviews, he said that, “I feel that it is very important to encourage young talent in an industry where there is such fierce competition. Keeping that emotion in mind, we are very happy to associate with MTV to launch careers of fresh talent.” The flicks will be on air every Saturday starting July 3.

(3) As above I said that SRK gears up to drive Volkswagen Bugatti for Ra. 1 Movie but as these days King Khan is busy with his iPad and he is finding a little problem with it while typing something.

As per Shahrukh Khan Twitter Page Updation he wrote that "Just to clarify the rumor... I am not driving a Bugatti or anything... it's a Ducati mobike that we have in 'Ra. One'! Been kind of occupied with too many things...apologies for lack of presence.

Now I am back new & ready on my iPad. Love to all. A bit of issues typing with iPad still hate that it tries to correct all spelling mistakes or just give suggestions...like a nagging elder."

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