Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shahid Kapoor Next Film Mausam – shooting stopped for FIFA Football World Cup 2010

Shahid Kapoor News 2010:-

(1) Shahid Kapoor and Hot Sonam Kapoor were recently shooting in Edinburgh for Director Pankaj Kapoor Bollywood Upcoming Movies 2010 Mausam.

The shooting wasn’t as smooth sailing as it was expected.

It so happened that the actor injured his back and his hamstring muscle.

Owing to the pain he incurred he was unable to shoot.

So the shooting were stalled till the actor got better and was back to shoot, until then the entire cast and the crew spent time watching the FIFA World Cup football matches.

(2) Shahid Kapoor Releases Milenge Milenge inspired by the Hollywood romcom 'Serendipity' (2001), is directed by Satish Kaushik.

As per Latest Bollywood Gossips, Shahid Kapoor or Hot Kareena Kapoor will like the idea of this forgive and forget campain.

Despite being cordial with each other, they are not on great talking terms.

Both might not want to see a contest that gives people a scope to discuss their past relationship as it’s a done-with chapter.

(3) Shahid Kapoor is now being replaced by the Aamir Khan nepthew Imran Khan for Latest Levis Brand Ambassador.

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