Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shahid Kapoor – He thinks that Priyanka Chopra is hotter than Kareena Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor is fully focused on his Bollywood Upcoming Movies 2011 name ‘Mausam’ and is awaiting its release, would be seen sharing a crackling chemistry with Actress Sonam Kapoor in the film.

As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, he said that, “he never has a problem romancing anyone onscreen.”

“Personally, I think Priyanka is hotter.”

"We have gotten to know each other better over the one and a half year and have become good friends. She will always be special to me for sharing this film.”

“Yeah probably you’re right. Although it’s not just the personality I think, it is much more than that. I think you actually love someone after you understand them as a person and you see the real person. But maybe yeah, maybe I like girls who talk a lot so, girls who talk a lot.”

“I don’t want to speak much about the film but it has three different characters.”

“Me and Priyanka seeing each other is something you have taken for granted. I won’t say anything about me and Priyanka.”

“The world surrounding Mausam and its feel is totally different. Mausam is not another run-of-the-mill film. It has a different story and even the story telling is unique. The USP of Mausam is that it’s a journey. One side where you are going to see the innocence of Punjab and entertaining atmosphere, the other side will show you a matured air force officer and then it moves forward to some other level.”

Mausam Release Date - September 16th, 2011

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