Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Katrina Kaif slapped Imran Khan 16 Times

In Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Movie, there is a very critical scene where in Imran Khan confronts Katrina, following which she slaps him.

Commenting on it, Kat breaks into giggles and says that Imran was slapped over 16 times while shooting for that particular scene!

As per Latest Katrina Kaif Interviews, she said that, “Well I don't think he anticipated that we were going to shoot that particular bit 16 times so he got lot of slaps from me and they were pretty hard. By the end of it he was like, 'I can't take any more slaps'. But finally we got it right.”

“He is a real good performer I think he is great at comedy and he just kind of brought lot of good vibes during the shoot. And since he is also a musician he would entertain us with his songs when we were shooting outdoors. He would play guitar and it was like a bunch of group of friends hanging together on the sets.”

“It was called Iqbal Inn and I remember Imran being terrified when we walked in. But it was a young unit and we had a great time. We forgot all the problems and decided to have fun together. We were there for about 25 days. We would eat only dal, roti and tandoori chicken but the environment was great. Imran couldn't adjust well and we would all pull his leg about it.”

“That is something which I really enjoyed and actually kept me fit and gave us a form of exercise in between the shots.”

Recently Van Heusen India Men’s Week came to an end by both these with Karan Johar and Bollywood CelebritiesVarun Bahl showcasing their collection.

He opened the fashion show wearing a charcoal black jacket paired with white trousers. She was wearing a sequined blazer.

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