Sunday, September 18, 2011

Speedy Singh Movie Trailer - Akshay Kumar Next Bollywood Hindi Film 2011

(1) Jointly produced by superstar Akshay Kumar and the Canadian government, Speedy Singh stars a bunch of newcomers as goofball Indians who take on the Canadians at ice hockey.

The film also stars comedian Russell Peters, Brazilian model-actress Camilla Belle, and Hollywood veteran Rob Lowe as the team's coach.

The song Shera Di Kaum Punjabi, featuring rap mogul Ludacris, is already burning up the airwaves.

(2) For Akki another next hindi film name – “Desi Boyz”, He and John Abraham perform a deadly mid-air stunt from a helicopter without a harness for protection

As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, Director David Dhawan said that, "The shot was supposed to be taken without a harness because there were enough close-ups, and director Rohit Dhawan did not want to mess with the shot. So he asked John and Akshay if they would be up to doing it without strapping themselves onto a harness."

"I was very skeptical and nervous about the shot because we certainly couldn't have retakes.

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