Friday, March 23, 2012

Saif Ali Khan Agent Vinod Trailer – Movie Graphic Novel 2012

There are still a couple of days for Sriram Raghavan’s new film Agent Vinod to hit the screens, but meanwhile, it’s all set to hit the bookshelves in the form of a graphic novel.

As per Latest Saif Ali Khan Interviews, he said that, “You could say I’m anxious, but not nervous.”

“We do see a great potential in the franchisee and would love to take it forward, but I’m not going to rush into it. I want to take it forward, one step at a time.”

“And the journey’s just begun for AV.”

"I want to take one step at a time. If the audience like the film and they want more, we would go forward with it. I think the film is perfect for a franchise but it is too early to talk about it," Saif told reporters in an interview.

"The film has taken about three years. I got lots of bumps and bruises along the way but it was worth it because I felt it could be something. If it becomes a franchise, it would be a dream project."

Agent Vinod Release Date – 23rd March 2012

"That film was a little ahead of its time but `Agent Vinod` is releasing on the right time. Sriram Raghvan is a very interesting director and he has done something remarkable in this film too."

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