Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kareena Kapoor Personal Life Secrets – There’s a life beyond the camera

Kareena Kapoor Interviews

“We haven’t really had the time to chalk out anything, not that it’s not on our minds.”

The wedding’s becoming such an obsession! People seem to be losing more sleep over it, than us (laughs). But no, as of now, there are no dates on the cards yet. We are just so neck deep in work, so, the wait is on till we can co-ordinate our work schedules and then figure.

Well, others can have the awards. I am happy with the rewards. So give me a fun break once every year, instead of an award and I’ll be happy (laughs).

"I am very proud to be born in Kapoor family. My grandfather and father inspired me to be here. I am what all because of them."

"But I must say that my grandfather was biased towards Karisma. As she (Karisma) had blue eyes like my grandfather and I had green eyes like my father. Also, I remember during summer season he (Raj Kapoor) used to give two mangoes to Karisma and I used to get one!"

Kareena Kapoor Item Number Songs 2012 - She wants her item song to be completely different from any of its predecessors and has demanded that it be promoted as an important part of the film, and not just like an item number.

'Dabangg 2' is the sequel to the hugely successful 2010 hit 'Dabangg' which starred Salman Khan and was directed by Abhinav Kashyap.

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