Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bollywood Actresses Weigh Loss Tips 2012 - Jacqueline Fernandez Tips to shed kilos

Bollywood Actress Jacqueline Fernandez helped her make-up artist lose weight naturally fast.

When Jackie heard that her make-up guy had to attend a wedding in the city, she wasted no time in putting him on a special diet programme.

He was asked to eat lots of fruit, juices and fresh veggies. And the result was for all to see.

Not just him, but she has also taken it on to herself to motivate other make-up artists and stylists to follow the diet and her own workout regime.

Jacqueline Fernandez Murder 2 Housefull 2 Movies 2012 - “It was unfortunate clash of dates. I felt a major burden on lot of people, so I had to make the decision. Both parties tried hard to make it work, but it didn’t work. It’s my bad luck I couldn’t do Krrish 3.”

"No.. he (Sajid) is not my mentor, I don't actually have one. I don't have any mentor. I am very professional person, I have never had any mentor. And no he never does tell me what films to do and what not. I think for me it is important that I make my own decisions."

“I am not closed to wearing skimpy clothes. But, it should not be forced into the movie, just for the heck of it. The role or the dresses should not make me feel uncomfortable.”

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