Friday, December 3, 2010

Abhishek Bachchan Bipasha Basu together for Dum Maro Dum Movie

(1) Abhishek Bachchan
with and Hot Bipasha Basu Rana Daggubati will appear together for Director Rohan Sippy Dum Maro Dum Movie.

(2) He had more misses than hits in his 10 year old acting career.
As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, he said that, "I never thought I would make it through 10 years. I didn't think they would give me a chance."

"I didn't think I would get any films after my first film. I genuinely didn't believe it. I haven't really given them any reason to like me or like my work; so why should they spend their time and effort on me?" "I find all my films difficult. Acting is very tough. I think you should always challenge yourself with every film. If you don't, then you will start stagnating. I want to do films which will push me every day to work harder; so I find every film harder."

(3) Do you ever listen about Hot Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone from Abhishek Bachchan who was his co-star in Bollywood Latest Release Director Ashutosh Gowariker Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey? Never :) Don’t Worry Here I share with you all.

Recently he said that, “Deepika (who is 5' 9') is the tallest of the ladies I have worked with. I could finally look at my co-actress in the eyes and didn't have to look down upon her. It was really nice and tall working with her.”

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