Thursday, March 10, 2011

Abhishek Bachchan Twitter tweets about working with Vinod Khanna for Players Movie

Abhishek Bachchan is currently shooting for Bollywood Forthcoming Movies 2011 name “Players” Movie is kicked about working with veteran Vinod Khanna.

As per Latest Abhishek Bachchan Twitter Page Updation, he wrote that, "Just did my first shot with Vinod uncle for Players. I can now proudly say that I've worked with Amar Akbar Anthony! Awesomeness!"

"Don't know many actors of my generation that have been lucky enough to say that. It feels great."

(2) Jr. Bachchan for Hottest Sarah Jane Dias: - She is former Miss India World. He involved her in series of casual conversations and made her believe that she was indeed a part of the industry.

While this helped in eradicating the initial awkwardness that she had about working in a film set up, it also made her comfortable in her co-star's presence. All of this meant that when the camera started rolling, she managed to comfortably enact those scenes with he that required them to be physically closer to each other.

As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, she said that, "Well, such scenes are just a part of the job that I had to do in 'Game'." "It's no big deal actually. But yes it could have been if Abhishek wouldn't have been around. He was the one who made it all the more comfortable for me."

Game Movie Release Date – 1st April 2011 this is directed by Abhinay Deo.

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