Friday, March 18, 2011

Shahrukh Khan Twitter - decided to quit after nasty comments from other users

(1) Even after having more than 8 lakh followers on Twitter, SRK has decided to quit the social networking site because of the nasty comments that some have been posting him.

As per Latest Shahrukh Khan Interviews, he said that, “As an actor and as a celebrity, I often come across people who look into my eye and ask me embarrassing questions at press conferences. However, I don't have any option other than putting up a smiling face and replying to the questions even if I am upset or angry. It has been happening since 20 years and it happened even during my interactions on Twitter. But I am socially inept, I don't know how to handle relationships and am not very good at dealing with such questions and therefore I thought it would be best to quit.”

“There were comments that 'Oh he only comes on Twitter when he wants to promote his films'. Well with all due respect to everyone, I want to say that 8-10 lakh do not make a film hit.”

(2) Shahrukh Khan New Look for Don 2 sequel Movie: - Recently He came to Delhi with his new look of Farhan Akhtar's "Don 2: The Chase Continues". In "Don 2: The Chase Continues" he is having a rough and tough look with long hair with mustache and a ‘D’ tattoo on his hand.

As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, he said that, "Yes, I am all for flouting a few rules here and there... I spend a good 3-4 hours on my phone, but while shooting I keep my phone away. Though I keep frequenting my vanity van to check missed calls and texts, I keep it away when on the sets. And if my colleagues are listening, I hope they follow this too."

"I have never tasted bhaang in my life. I think, apart from smoking, aur koi buri aadat abhi tak nahin hai mujh mein, Holi kab hai, by the way?"

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