Monday, March 7, 2011

Shahrukh Khan IPL News – best wish to Indian World Cup 2011 Cricket Team

(1) Recently Shahrukh Khan has sent a text message to Gautam Gambhir whom the KKR own after the IPL bidding with Rs 11 crore. It was about wishes to current Indian World Cup 2011 Cricket Team.

As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, Gambhir said that, "He (Khan) sent me a text message wishing me and the Indian team the best for the World Cup. I appreciated the gesture, it felt good."

SRK Kolkata Knight Riders, which was just a group on Facebook, will be having an official brand page for it on the social networking sites, shortly. Thus, following the World Cup, the IPL fever is going to grip the nations soon.

(2) As per Latest Director Anubhav Sinha Interviews about his and SRK relation, he said that, "I was telling a few friends the other day that in the times when bad marriages don't even last four months, let aside four years, I and Shahrukh have enjoyed a four year long association."

"We started work on 'Ra. 1' way back in 2007 and are now driving it to completion. Would it all have been possible had there been a stress between the two of us?"

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