Sunday, July 31, 2011

Salman Khan Movies 2011 - will appear in Hema Malini Upcoming Next Hindi Film

(1) Yesteryear Actress Hema Malini is no different who approached Salman Khan to be part of her ambitious project Tell Me Oh Khuda.

As per Latest Bollywood Twitters Updation, she wrote that,"Salman Khan has been very gracious to be a part of my film "Tell Me O Khuda".What an adorable person!!!!"

(2) Popular stunt choreographer FEFSI Vijayan son Sabarish said that, “It was Salman Khan who helped me knock off the extra flab.”

“Everyone knows the kind of close bond that my dad and Salman share.I was very fat when I wanted to enter tinsel town as an actor. The first thing my dad said was the best person to guide you properly is Salman. He is the perfect symbol of a typical macho male. He then arranged for a meeting with the Bollywood star himself.”

“My dad took me to the shooting spot and told Salman that I was keen to enter films. The next moment Salman hugged me and said, “Buddy, I am happy for you and let me train you and give tips on how to reduce your weight.” I was really touched by this gesture. After completing the shoot he took me to one of the city’s best gyms where he used to train and taught me the knack of losing weight, but in a healthy way.”

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