Sunday, August 7, 2011

Salman Khan Ek Tha Tiger Movie – Lose weight for this upcoming Bollywood Movie 2011

(1) As per suggestion from for Director Kabir KhanYash Raj Production Ek Tha Tiger Movie”, Salman Khan shed a few extra kilos and get rid of his bulky frame and replace it with a leaner physique. He will now have to get into the desired shape within a month.

(2) Salman Khan Aishwaray Rai Bachchan Breakups- As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, Somy Ali for whom Salman Khan was first boyfriend said that,"Salman was my first boyfriend. I had a huge crush on him as a teenager. The crush led me to leave Florida and move to India and join films just so I could find him and get married to him. You have a license of doing idiotic things when you're 15. However, I do not have a single regret of pursuing my first love. They say if you can count four friends on your fingers and trust them blindly, you're extremely fortunate. Salman happens to be one of them. He has a heart of gold and I know for a fact that if I were ever in need he would be the first person that I would call."

(3) About Salman Khan Bhabhi(Sister in Low) Malaika Arora Khan – Recently she said that, "Whatever he wears like his bracelets or earrings, Salman Bhai carries it very well. I like actors with minimal."

"This is a new collection 'Adrishya where the gold part is not visible as you can see that only the ruby and emamel."

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