Monday, September 20, 2010

Ranbir Kapoor Pictures Interviews News - feel uncomfortable watching his mother‘s movie

(1) As per Latest Ranbir Kapoor Interviews, he said that,

"I was very young when I used to feel uncomfortable watching mom’s films. I have grown up now and I understand this business better...So I don't think I will be uncomfortable with anything. Seeing them together on screen after so many years was heartwarming.It makes me feel so good. I have seen the film and it is genuinely good. I is not doing any film with my parents. But yes I would love to act with them one day."

(2) About Ranbir Kapoor Marriage Life Partner Selection, as per latest Bollywood Interviews, he said that,

"I'm very immature and inexperienced as far as love is concerned. But if I do more films like Anjaana Anjaani I will understand love better. But till now I don't think I have understood the emotion. Till now I've never fallen in love with a stranger.Till now whenever I've fallen for someone, it has always been someone, whom I knew for a period of time. Let’s see what happens in future. It is a simple love story where the two characters realize what love and responsibility is and get to know each other and themselves too."

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