Friday, August 13, 2010

Ajay Devgan Kajol Birthday Interviews Twitter about Second Baby Upcoming Movies 2010

Kajol Birthdate
- 5th August 1975

At 5th August 2010 Kajol who turns 35.

Ajay Devgan Kajol Second Child News:-

(1) As per Latest Kajol Interviews on Kajol Birthday Celebration, she said that, "This birthday is extra special for me, my husband my daughter (Nysa). My mother, my and my sister, parents-in-law are happy because I'm carrying my second child. And everyone around me is especially excited about the addition to the family."

“I'm just hoping for a healthy happy baby and a healthy happy momma to look after the baby. I've a wonderful daughter. How can I say no to another girl just like her? I don't believe I need a son to complete my family. My sister Tanissha and I made quite a complete family”

Kajol Upcoming Next Bollywood Hindi Film We Are Family Release Date - September 3

"The film has a lot of dynamics. There is an interesting tension in the various relationships that this family has. And it shows everyone in very human light. There are no saints and there are no villains."

"I've worked a lot. I enjoy doing just one-two films a year. I don't think I want to do more than that. I'm happy with my pace of work. If I do too many films people would get bored of me."

"It all depends on how I feel after I have my baby. I refuse to take a decision here and now. It's my prerogative to do what I like. I firmly believe women should have babies when they can take care of them. As simple as that.

"I want my baby to arrive and I want to watch him or her grow. I took time to have a second baby because I wanted to have the time to give myself fully to motherhood. I refuse to miss out on the joy of watching my child grow for anything in the world," said the actor.

(2) As per Latest Ajay Devgan Twitter Page Updation about Kajol Second Child, he wrote that, "Just as I utter the word break, I get a reminder for Aakrosh promotions. (It is) releasing on Oct 1. No hope in hell for a break. Please suggest some escape techniques."

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