Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ranbir Kapoor News Interviews – About Deepika Padukone Tatto

(1) As per Latest Ranbir Kapoor Interviews about Hot Deepika Padukone and her tattoo, he said that, "Deepika is still a very dear friend. It is just that we are not girlfriend and boyfriend anymore. We still do meet. I am sure when she meets someone she will remove it. It's up to her if she doesn't want to remove it. Her conscience is clear and she knows what she is doing "

(2) Ranbir Kapoor Parents Rishi Kapoor Neetu Singh will be paired opposite each other in the Walt Disney-produced Bollywood Hindi Film Do Doon Chaar, scheduled to release on October 8.

Do Dooni Chaar best represents Disney's storytelling. The touching narrative of the film will make every Indian family fall in love with the characters.

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