Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bollywood Interviews – Ajay Devgan talks his Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Movie Character

Latest Ajay Devgan News 2010

(1) I bring Bollywood Talks about Bollywood Latest Releases 2010 movie Once Upon A Time In Mumbai with Ajay Devgan.

As per Latest Ajay Devgan Interviews, he said that, “his character is loosely based on the Haji Mastan Mirza. he is like a modern-day Robin Hood. My character is the character of Sultan Mirza who is kind of a Robin Hood, who is anti-establishment but romantic also.

He has a passion and sense of humor, also. It's a very interesting character. I think there was some confusion but that has been cleared. The issue is in the court, so I don't want to comment on that but I feel that the person who has filed the case when they see the film, they will understand there is no such thing”

“The music has caught on and there's a very good buzz about the film so I thought I should also go all out and promote it the best way I can. This will be the first time I will be travelling to nine cities to promote a film.”

(2) Ajay Devgan and Hot Kangana Ranaut graced the cover page of Bollywood magazine Cine Blitz for August issue to promote their retro flick ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai’, released recently.

(3) Ajay Devgan New Name “Gangsta” :- Ajay Devgan and Ajay Devgan Wife Kajol and his directors like Director Madhur Bhandarkar, Rohit Shetty, Mahesh Bhatt and Ashwini Dhir watched his Bollywood Latest Released Movie 2010 name Once Upon a Time in Mumbai together at his private screening. After the movie Kajol kept addressing Ajay Devgan as 'my gangsta'. All the directors, who loved his villainous role, agreed with Kajol and have nicknamed him with the same name."

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