Tuesday, October 18, 2011

John Abraham Fitness Diet Secrets – He works really hard for a fit body

(1) Bollywood Actress Bipasha BasuCurrent Boyfriend John Abraham said in his latest interviews that, “A lot of hard work is needed to keep the body fit.”

"Making a strong body is like a religion. When you preach a religion you go to a temple. I go to a gym and workout. I really worked out hard to make a strong body. I had put on 10 kilo muscles in eight months."

"I thank Nishikant for giving me eight months to make such a strong body. He wanted me to look really tough. I want to tell youngsters that there is no shortcut for a muscular body. I was on a high protein diet."

"But at the end of the day it is the performance that counts, not the body. It is an audio-visual medium, so you have to sport certain kind of look."

"It's good that people are loving action movies but if you ask me about Force then it is raw and real action. I just feel that after Ghayal and Gadar this is the only movie where you can boast of real action."

Force was the only movie after Sunny Deol starrer Ghayal and Gadar that can boast of raw and real action.

(2) Read about “Why Priyanka Gandhi is John Abraham’s ideal beauty”-

"She's my idea of the most beautiful woman in this country."

"Definitely Bipasha Basu is a very attractive woman"

"I am enjoying the space post my long relationship."

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