Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ranbir Kapoor Wallpaper News Interviews – ideal obedient docile son of his parents

(1) As we all know about Ranbir Kapoor, about his short period Bollywood Success, earned a lot of fame. But all these are not enough; in real life he is also an ideal, obedient, docile son for his parents and shares a good understanding with them. His Father Rishi Kapoor knows everything about his financial matters, including spending and gifting presents to dear ones.

As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, mother Neetu Singh said that, “I was so excited when Do Dooni Chaar was to release, but I see no such excitement in Ranbir when his film is about to be released. When Rajneeti was a hit I was so excited that I wanted to shout from the rooftops, but when I congratulated Ranbir he just smiled. His reaction is exactly the same if his film flops. I fail to understand him at these times.”

(2) This is will be really very interesting and unforgettable moments when we will see Ranbir Kapoor Imran Khan together. Yes you are absolutely right, am talking about that “Both will appear soon on small screen with Karan Johar at Koffee with Karan Chat TV Show”. For this Event, Imran Khan is flying down for a day from Patiala with special permission from Aditya Chopra.

(3) He owns a foldable cycle that he carries to the sets. For short distances, he prefers to pedal to the destination rather than hop into his car, has different bicycles at his Juhu residence, loves the most is a Dahon foldable cycle, which he carries with him everywhere these days.

His father said that, "He has several kinds of cycles lying all over, but right now, I can see a red colored 2 seater Audi R8 in front of me, and I want to ask him where in Mumbai he will drive this."

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