Monday, October 25, 2010

Salman Khan Wallpaper News Interviews - no plans to marry right now

(1) As per
Latest Bollywood Interviews, he said that, "I'm not ready. Nevertheless, whenever I've been in a relationship, I have always wanted to get married. But I would get cold feet. I would panic if I started thinking about it too much."

(2) He always wanted to be a director but acting is good for him now and will continue to write and paint though.

(3) He is known for had prepared for a grand welcome for the new visitor, the Great Khali, had sent personal gym equipments for Khali in the house of Big Boss to ensure complete fitness regime for the WWE player.

(4) He teams up with Bonny Kapoor & Anil Sharma to add another stone to the pillar after Bollywood Latest Hit Movies 2010 name Dabang.

(5) He does not hold grudge against people who consider him to be "a total jerk" as he knows there are people out there who love him to death.

As per Latest Salman Khan Interviews, he said that, "It depends on the person in front of me. When I have to react, I do so depending on the magnitude of what has happened. I don't hold a grudge, except maybe for a second. Otherwise, I'm very good in my space. Earlier, I would do films even when I knew they were bad because of many reasons. Now, I've learn what to do and what not to."

"When we launch movies, we space them out because ticket prices are steep. But on TV, you can watch us for free and enjoy all the shows simultaneously. So, where's the competition? Mr Amitabh Bachchan has a unique style, which he brought in last year, and now I have mine."

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